love ~ happiness ~ cupcakes

$30.00 per dozen (regular size only)
Chocolate cake
Dark chocolate buttercream
Covered in french chocolate flakes

Vanilla (also Birthday Cake*)
Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake
*with rainbow confetti if Birthday Cake
Madagascar bourbon vanilla buttercream 
Covered in white sanding sugar if Vanilla
*Covered in pastel confetti if Birthday Cake

Chocolate & Vanilla 
Chocolate cake 
Vanilla bean buttercream 
Sprinkled with French chocolate flakes and sparkling sprinkles

Vanilla & Chocolate
Vanilla cake
Milk chocolate buttercream
Sprinkled with white nonpareils

Banana & Peanut Butter (our version of the Elvis)
Fresh banana cake
Peanut butter frosting
Sprinkled with yellow jimmies and star candy piece

Carrot Cake
Freshly grated carrot spiced walnut cake
Cream cheese frosting
Edged with chopped walnuts
Topped with a fondant flower

Chocolate Coconut
Dark chocolate cake
Coconut buttercream
Covered with coconut flakes

Chocolate Squiggle (our version of the Hostess cupcake)
Dark chocolate cake
Filled with marshmallow buttercream
Covered with chocolate ganache
Decorated with marshmallow buttercream squiggle

Vanilla-almond coconut cake
Cream cheese frosting
Covered with coconut flakes
Topped with a fondant flower

Cookies and Cream
Dark chocolate cake
Cream cheese frosting with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies
Finished with a mini chocolate sandwich cookie

German Chocolate
Chocolate cake
Coconut-pecan frosting
Covered in shredded coconut with chocolate drizzle

Dark chocolate cake
Hazelnut spread buttercream
Covered with toasted pecan pieces


Lemon zest butter cake
Lemon zest buttercream
Sprinkled with white non-pareils
Finished with a fondant flower

vanilla-almond shredded coconut cake 
almond infused buttercream
covered in toasted coconut flakes
drizzled with dark chocolate

Chocolate cake 
Mint buttercream
Sprinkled with mini chocolate chips
Topped with an edible wafer green leaf

Chocolate espresso cake
Chocolate espresso buttercream
Rimmed with coffee and chocolate vermicelli

Dark chocolate cake
Vanilla buttercream
Strawberry buttercream
Sprinkled with french chocolate flakes and large rainbow confetti

Orange Cream
Orange infused cake filled with marshmallow buttercream
Orange infused buttercream
Sprinkled with white sparkling sprinkles and topped with a fondant flower

Peanut Butter
Dark chocolate cake 
Peanut butter buttercream
Edged with chopped peanuts and mini chocolate chips
Topped with a chocolate peanut butter cup

Red Velvet 
Reddish cocoa cake 
Cream cheese frosting
Edged with white chocolate vermicelli
Sprinkled with red velvet cake crumbs

Salted Caramel
Caramel infused vanilla cake 
Salted caramel buttercream
Caramel sauce drizzle and sprinkled with a pinch of fleur de sel

Cinnamon vanilla cake 
Cinnamon buttercream
Sprinkled with cinnamon and white sparkling sprinkles
Adorned with a snickerdoodle cookie

Sweet and Salty Bliss 
Vanilla chocolate chip cake with a graham cracker bottom 
Chocolate buttercream
Sprinkled with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt